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Business and Sustainability FAQ’s

Do you use recycled or renewable raw materials in the manufacturing process of your products?

Triangle Dies uses a combination of recycled and renewable materials along with synthetic raw materials in the production of our products.

Is your product easily recycled or reused at the end of life?

Yes. Triangle Dies offers a cutting die recycling program. Our certified recycling program offers a zero-landfill solution for purging your obsolete cutting dies allowing you to free up valuable floor space. Additional information can be found under the Products & Services Sustainability page.

Do you have the ability to provide on-site technical support?

Our Technical Services team is available to provide on-site technical support in the form of training and press-side assistance.

Would your company be able to respond quickly to short lead time orders?

Yes. Triangle Dies is staffed with two full production shifts at each location. We are staffed twenty hours per day, five days a week which gives Triangle Dies the ability to meet our customer’s needs under the tightest time constraints.

What makes the manufacturing process used by Triangle Dies different from its competition?

What distinguishes Triangle Dies from our competition is the investment we have made in technology. Having invested in systems like the Lasercomb MTL and ProRot3000 lasers, Serviform rule processors and rubber cutters, and Boxplan pin setting machines, we have the ability to produce tooling that outperforms the competition.

What are your typical lead times?

Our typical lead times vary and are dependent on our customers’ needs. The company’s investment in equipment and a skilled labor force allows us to meet or exceed industry standards.

What information can I get using the customer login?

Using the Client Login on our website, customers have the ability to check order status, view invoices and shipping documents, and convert quotes into orders.

Tooling FAQ’s

Which cutting die product works best for my application?

Triangle Dies has three different product line offerings. Order requirements and tooling performance needs will determine what cutting die is best for your application.

Our press ready cutting die is our legacy product line. The press ready die incorporates production proven technology custom designed for your basic converting needs.

Our Tri-Max cutting die offers improved durability and stripping performance. The Tri-Max cutting die is our middle tier product offering. This high-performance tooling is ideal for long run, high repeatability orders that require reduced set-up times and improved stripping performance.

Our Tri-Max Plus cutting die is the ultimate in performance and durability. This ultra-high-performance tooling allows you to achieve maximum press speeds with reduced die cut pressure. The Tri-Max Plus cutting die is ideal for long, run high repeatability orders that require minimal set-up times and 100% stripping performance. This product is available with additional upgrades.

More information on our flat and rotary cutting die product lines can be found under the Products and Services page.

Do you sell raw material for cutting die and printing needs along with other die supplies?

Yes. It is in our company name - Triangle Dies and Supplies. We sell various products for your printing and cutting die manufacturing needs. Our available supply offerings range from steel rule and matrix to ejection rubber. We have built direct relationships as a preferred distributor with all of the leading product manufacturers in the industry. For more information on our available products, you can view our catalog on the Products and Services page.

What file type does Triangle Dies need to manufacture a cutting die?

Triangle Dies can convert and utilize almost any file type. If one is not available, a sample or drawing can be sent to our design team to create a usable file.

If I order a cutting die, how is it shipped or delivered to my location?

Your cutting die is carefully checked and packaged by our Quality and Shipping Department to ensure the tooling is delivered in perfect condition. For local customers, cutting dies will be delivered via a Triangle delivery vehicle. For customers outside our delivery area, a third-party carrier will be used (ie. FedEx, UPS, etc.).