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You recycle 100% of your corrugated — why not your cutting dies?

die recycling

Recycle and recover your obsolete dies and realize these benefits:

Achieve Sustainability Goals

  • Redirect your cutting die waste stream — NO LANDFILL
  • Certified 100% Recycled / Recovered
  • Fulfills green initiative requirements

Box Plant Benefits

  • Free up valuable floor space
  • Cost competitive to disposal fees
  • Set automatic pick up cycles

Triangle Dies and Supplies is leading the industry with the first of its kind cutting die recycling and recovery program.

Die Recycling process

Box plants can now open up their floor space without filling up landfills. When you recycle and recover your obsolete cutting dies with Triangle Dies, you can clean house while fulfilling your environmental goals.

Obsolete cutting dies can now be 100% recycled and recovered, reducing your waste stream. This program supports your drive to achieve greater sustainability results with formal, traceable documentation.

Watch a video detailing the recycling process: View Video